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What Products Do We Use?

Color bond 75ml Insulated panel floors and roof, different colours available for interior and exterior finish. Plain colours (Surf Mist, Paper bark, Shale Grey, Pale Eucalypt) are available.

Also Printech range, come in a choices of 3D look printed panel. Still 75ml panel. Corrugated iron and Finestone (brick look).

For outer trims, flashings and gutters the entire colour bond range is available to match panel colour chosen.

Insulated foam panel also gets the green tick for economical, efficiency in heating and cooling capabilities. Tends to hold temperatures extremely well.

The metal outer layers are colorbond brand so have a 10 year manufacture warranty on structure and fading.

How Is The Base Constructed?

Skid base is fully constructed at our factory. Universal 180 I  beams are used down the length of the base and RHS channel steel beams used across the base at intervals. Structurally engineered and welded to last and hold high weight capacity.

Steel is rust proofed for strength and longevity. Lug points are welded on all of our bases for ease in loading onto transport, manoeuvring on site and being Crane lifted.

Aluminium channel is screwed and glued directly to steel base, as the bottom support for walls to slide in and to attach to.All points of base, roof and walls are sealed, secured and riveted at engineered points.

What About Termites?

Flooring used is Termite Treated yellow tongue board. Screwed and glued directly to steel base.

How Are The Walls Constructed?

As wall panels are placed/ stood into base channel, each panel is fit via tongue and groove method, riveted and sealed with weather proof, anti bacterial silicon.

All electrical cable for power points, data and lights are inserted into panel as walls are stood. This keeps the building tidy with no exposed cords or ugly conduit on the inside or outside.

At each interval of a power point etc, a hole is cut through panel to pull out the cable at  required spot, also is run through walls to supply power to the ceiling for lights, smoke alarms, air conditioning or high power or TV points.