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Custom Kitchens – Exploring the Spice

Our team of construction specialists and admin dedicate their time, interest and experience to assist in designing your kitchen exactly how you imagine it and in return, creating your kitchen comes at first class quality. At Southeast Modular Homes it is not only the quality that makes our kitchens stand out, however the complemented practicality and abundant range of options that we offer add that eye catching glow and in return we have found leaves customers adequately satisfied with their personalised kitchen creation.

Remembering it is key in a kitchen to have great organisation, therefore a kitchen that is both smart and elegant is important. As our kitchens are fully customisable, we love to converse on a regular basis with our customers in perfecting the plan and design of your kitchen. A small portion of our optional range are included below, which are an insight to the tailored service we provide in getting the job successful for your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances & Extras

Due to the love of quality we provide, endless amounts of specialised upgrades are all up to the discretion of the customer and in return we are more than happy to work with you in doing so. Kitchen appliances and extras are one of the many features that make our kitchens look so great and it is key as our workmanship in installing complements this.

The choice between selecting a Full Chefs Kitchen and a Kitchenette is all depicted by many factors. Your choice of Appliances and Main Fitments, in particular the size and/or amount are just a few. These Include:

  • Fan Forced Oven
  • Dual Speed Cooktop Rangehood
  • 2-burner or 4-burner Ceramic Cooktop // Standard gas cooktop with gas provisions ( Upgradable extra )
  • Single or Dual Stainless Sink w/ Side Pan
  • Water Mixers and Tap Fittings
  • Hot Water System (25L small use – 300L+ large use)

Cupboards – 2 Draws

The construction and operations behind creating your kitchen is carried out by one of our construction specialist team members. He is in charge of making sure your finished kitchen, whether it be a basic kitchenette formation or the top model chefs kitchen, look its A-grade best and make sure it follows your desired choice upon delivery.

Cupboards – We have been complemented on numerous occasions on previous builds about how spacious the sizing of our kitchens cupboards are. You have the choice between base cabinets, wall cabinets and high cabinets in many different widths. This is with the added choice of wall cabinets and high cabinets coming in different heights. Upgradable options in accordance to our kitchen cupboards include:

  • Door Handles – Stainless Steel Handles are standard. Upgrades for handles variances are of choice !
  • Upgradable Hinges – We offer a highly durable soft-close hinge/dampers giving more control of your cupboard and brings closing doors at ease !

Draws – Since the establishment of the company, we have added great taste to our kitchens and our draws have been just a small part in doing so. Upgradable options in accordance to our kitchen draws include:

  • Draw Handles – Stainless Steel Handles are standard. Upgrades for handles variances are of choice !
  • Upgradable Draw rollers – Our upgradable soft-closing rollers/dampers give add to the control of your kitchen have seen a very popular choice by previous customers !

Our team will help you choose Cupboards, Doors and Draws for your new kitchen. Whether it be the size, colour or upgradable options, we think that it is these minor changes and alterations that bring life to the kitchens appearance.

Legs & Kickboard –  This kitchen choice is totally up to preferability and can change the look of your kitchen just by your choice. You can choose to have your kitchen standing on either legs or on a kickboard which gives you the choice of different style and colour.

Kitchen Colourisation

A range of High Gloss Kitchen colour choices brings the lively finish that ties everything together in a kitchen. These High Gloss Kitchen colour choices are the colour depiction of your Cupboard doors and draws, included are:

  • High Gloss White
  • High Gloss Cream
  • High Gloss Red
  • High Gloss Charcoal
  • High Gloss Black

Stainless Splash-back is added to every Southeast Modular Homes kitchen. It presents a modern and stylish feel with great contrast to bench-tops, High Gloss finishes and handles.

Kitchen Provisions

As we are fully flexible to design and plan your first class quality kitchen, provisions are just another addition to keeping customers wants and needs satisfied. If you do not know already, a provision is the foundations made for the customer to add to. This way if you choose to add for instance a Microwave, an allocated space in the kitchen can be left. Other provisions can include and not limited to:

  • Hot water System Provisions
  • Fridge Cabinet Provision
  • Microwave Provision

Warranties & Guarantees

How do you know you are getting what you have paid for ?

It is in the best interests of Southeast Modular Homes as a company to keep our customers satisfied. Not only does it give the customer satisfaction, however the company also in keeping top notch business.

We invest our time sourcing the best possible quality kitchen materials to suit our customers needs and leaving our kitchens with pure elegance. With this, sourcing products which include warranty and/or guarantees from suppliers.

Having this safety net for our products gives the customer the piece of mind in trusting Southeast Modular Homes Expertise.

All Tap & Water Fittings
  • 15 Year Warranty
All Kitchen Cabinets, Draws & Doors
  • 25 Year Guarantee
All Appliances
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
All Hot Water Systems
  • 12 Month – 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty