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Your Design

Southeast Modular Homes have some standard designs in Granny Flats, Cabins, Site Offices, Teenage Retreats and Man Caves, however we understand that not everyone has the same requirements.

We endeavour to let you tell us what suits YOU.

We are happy to sit down and work out placements of bathrooms, kitchen, windows to your exact specifications. There are many colour choices, options for air conditioners, light fittings and configurations of the kitchen. Whether you need a Full Chef’s Kitchen or a basic kitchenette, nothing is too difficult.

Building Sizes

We can manufacture any size that you require. Buildings can be from 6 x 3m, right up to 12 x 3.4m, depending on the application needed.

These sizes can all be transported within Australia on a normal Wide Load Truck without the need of extra pilot vehicle escort. This is only necessary if the width surpasses 3.4m and the length over 12m.