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Town Planning

Advice on Town Planning and what is required is part of the experience with Southeast Modular Homes. We can provide you with all necessary information on your proposed building, which will indicate what Local Council Applications or procedures may be.

We find that all Councils are different in what processes are required. The Town Planners can narrow down exactly what you need to do, and can assist with your Council Planning, Development and lodging applications for a very reasonable fee.

Plumbing and Drainage

Our buildings are inspected and Certified by local council before leaving the factory to come to you. This is called a “rough in” inspection, and allows you to have the building plumbed and certified at your end by your local council and Plumber.

All plumbing is directed under the building and attached to the skid base, these can all be connected together to come out at the designated corner or end of the building which is the closest to connect to your mains.

We help make things as easy as possible for your installation. Your council may require you to submit a Plumbing/ Compliance application and will request to inspect/ approve the proposed site before assessments are approved.


Again approval may be needed from your local Council to advise ground type requirements i.e whether you need to have a cement or steel foundation, any tie downs or fixtures. This can depend on your area, in regards to Flood Prone area, high wind/ cyclone areas, residential or regional.

Southeast Modular Homes engage the services of a Certified Engineer who can provide skid base plans to submit to Council for their review.

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