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A Solid Foundation

At Southeast Modular Homes all aspects of our buildings and the manufacture start with the Skid base, which is the foundation structure. All solid steel I Beams are used and rust proofed against time and weather conditions for the longevity of the finished product. RHS steel channel are used for cross supports and bracing.

Strong Walls

Insulated panel, 75ml thick, is used in the walls and roof. These panels fit together with a tongue and groove method and are all sealed inside and out and secured to base channel. All electrical cable is inserted through the panel as walls are being stood and fixed. This means there is no ugly/ exposed cable or conduit to be seen. The panel has a dense poly styrene center, this is sandwiched between sheets of .4ml or .6ml Colourbond sheeting. This colour bond product carries a 10 year Manufacturer Guarantee.

Floor Technology

Yellow Tongue, termite treated timber flooring is then implemented, which is sealed and covered with a high quality Cushion Tech Vinyl covering. As our building are made as demountable/ relocatable, they are designed to be moved, sustaining flexibility and environments. The Vinyl limits any cracks or swelling that can be seen with Floating Timber Floor boards. All painted timber floor skirting boards are standard also.


Bathrooms are fully waterproofed before the tiling process, the shower wall is also tiled with feature strips put in place. All Plumbing can be directed under the building to any central point required. Buildings are all inspected by local council and certified before leaving our factory.

Electrics and Data

Electrical work is also certified before leaving the factory and we can locate the internal Electrical box neatly inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a clean look. The external power can be set up for it to be hard wired on site or finished with a 15 Amp Caravan point if not running too many appliances.

For photo’s and more details on how our buildings come together please refer to Gallery or feel free to call 0466 210 319